Hello, I’m Rita Mendes.

I am a freelance illustrator & designer currently based in the UK.

Since as long as I remember, arts, in all is forms are my life passion, the universe of images and sounds, the esthetic of Human creation is my main focus.
As a continuous search, I’m always looking for particular details, almost imperceptible signs on photos, frames or sequences of films, on the environment that surround us, the city, the people, the spaces were we live in, everywhere, never despising anything, you never know what you’re going to find when you look with persisting attention.
I’m using it continuously on my work, I collect images or Ideas from movies, I take photos of everyday moments and work them for my animations and illustrations, I sample them and give a new order, balance, and weight in new narratives that are the result of the fusion of reality and the imaginary, the existing and the speculative possible.
I live in this world of mine, so I’m obsessed with detail, I only stop when I’m conceptually at peace in the final balance between reality and fiction, only them you know that your work is finished.


01. Illustration

02. Design

03. Editorial Design

04. Concept Development

05. Branding & Identity

06. Print

07. Web Layouts



Please feel free to get in touch with me for commissions or even if you would like
to have a chat.

Contact me → hello@rita-mendes.com